Gas Safety Certificates

Gas Safe Engineers London

As a landlord, you have a host of legal obligations to your tenant, but providing a gas safety certificate is arguably the most important. It is your documented proof that flues, appliances and all relevant fittings have been checked by a gas safety qualified engineer within the last 12 months.

Once in a year, exactly said to be within 28 days of annual gas safety check in London, the landlord needs to give a service request for gas safe engineers in London to proof-check the gas line supply to the boiler, gas stove, and central heating system.

On ensuring the security of dwellers with no gas leakage issues, a gas safety record will be delivered to the house owner under a fee charged by engineers of gas safe registered company London and a copy is forwarded to the inhabitants by the landlord. As there isnít any regulated fixed charge or fees by gas safe register for a service, gas safety check in London depends totally upon gas safe engineers of the registered company.

Gas Safety Certificates are also needed by:

  • Housing associations
  • Local authorities
  • Hotels and B&Bs
  • Colleges
  • Boarding schools
  • Hostels

Registered Gas Safe Engineers

At Casafix, our registered Gas Safety Engineers will do all the necessary checks to provide with the Gas Safety Certificates. So, go for a quality check of gas flow lines and their equipment under fair charge in the whole market by simply calling our gas engineers with a free quote.

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